Ramsey avoids QB critiques: 'It's a different me'

Jalen Ramsey didn't take the bait this time.

The Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback, who trashed a plethora of QBs last offseason, recently joined The Adam Schefter Podcast and was jokingly asked to give a breakdown of signal callers he'll face in 2019.

"You want to do this again, huh?" Ramsey responded. "I'm not going to do this again but, we do play some good quarterbacks this year, of course, but probably the quarterback I'm most excited for is Nick Foles. I don't have to play against him, of course. He is my teammate. He is a great teammate, the few interactions we've had has been great. Great man, great player as well. He has nothing to prove to anybody. He's a Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP. So, I hope he comes out here and he plays free and knows he has the support of everybody."

Last offseason, Ramsey made waves assessing NFL QBs, memorably trashing a few -- notably, the corner had no negative words to say about Foles last year.

The awareness to avoid getting caught up in another round of headline-making analysis displayed maturity on Ramsey's part.

"I'm growing man, it's year four for me," Ramsey said. "It's a different me. A lot of people think they know me, they don't really know me. But hey, that's ok."

The narratives surrounding Ramsey have always employed histrionic overlays that skew the perception of the talented, talkative cornerback. In the end, Ramsey knows he can't please everyone.

"They can form opinions on how this year goes or whatever on the field," Ramsey said. "But I am human just like them, everybody's human. I think DeMarcus Cousins recently said it in an interview, we're looked at a bunch of times as superstar athletes and that's how we are looked at but at the same time we're also humans. That goes for myself and my teammates. Yeah, this is our profession, this is our job, we're going to go out there and give it our all.

"If we don't do good, or if we do good, we know we'll be criticized or praised. At the end of the day, we're all humans. I'm a dad, I get spit up on just like all the other dads out here, change diapers, it's not different, it's not special for me."

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