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Rams' Tavon Austin scores first touchdown of season

Tavon Austinscored his first touchdown of the season on Sunday, which is way too long for the Rams to go without a Tavon Austin touchdown.

As one of the most dangerous playmakers in the 2013 draft, Austin has been woefully under utilized in St. Louis, especially this season. He has not had more than five targets in a game or more than 35 reception yards.

While the rest of the 2013 receiving class seems to be breezing him by, Austin has been caught in a situation without a game-breaking quarterback to get him the ball. But by now, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer should have figured out a way to work him in a little bit more.

Around the league, one-dimensional teams have found ways to get the ball to their playmakers, and St. Louis should not be any different. It will no doubt factor in to Schottenheimer's evaluation at the end of the season.

Establishing Austin can go a long way toward allowing the Rams to approach this offseason with some confidence. Jeff Fisher has them beating good teams and has a core of young defenders that could make up a top-10 defense.

Once he gets a quarterback, though, he'll need Austin to be ready to take over games, something he's absolutely capable of even if we haven't seen it quite yet.

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