Rams CB Jalen Ramsey has no plans to hold out sans extension

Jalen Ramsey enters the final year of his contract still waiting for his first big long-term payday.

The Los Angeles Rams corner, however, isn't worried about a deal getting done and indicated to reporters Tuesday that he's not planning a holdout if an agreement isn't finalized over the summer months.

"The Rams know where I stand and that's all that matters at the end of the day," Ramsey said, via NFL Network's Steve Wyche. "It will get handled. They have been in contact with my agent. They are on the same page. They know what's up. I know what's up. I'm going to let them handle that. I can't worry about that. I can control what I can control. Everybody knew what type of situation it was going to be once they traded for me. It doesn't need to be talked about that much. It will get handled. I will let then handle the business side of it. I will focus on football."

Traded from Jacksonville to L.A. midway through the 2019 campaign for two first-round picks, Ramsey holds a wealth of leverage over the Rams. His confidence and plan to report to camp even without a new deal speaks to his advantageous position in talks. The new CBA rules prohibiting holdouts make it more difficult to skip mandatory work.

Last year in Jacksonville, Ramsey pulled up to training camp in a Brink's truck, wanting a new extension from the Jags. The money never came. The corner finally forced his way out of Duval via a trade to L.A.

Ramsey is set to make $13.703 million on the fifth year of his rookie deal.

With his leverage and standing as one of the top cover corners in the NFL, the 26-year-old should set the market for the position. The Dolphins signed Byron Jones to a five-year, $82.5 million deal ($16.5 million per year) with $54.375 million guaranteed. Ramsey should expect to top those numbers and could approach the $20 million-per-year mark.

"There's a lot of dialogue," McVay said of talks between the Rams and Ramsey's representation, per Wyche. "The anticipation in acquiring him is that he is a Ram for a long time. We went and got this guy with the hope that it's not a short-term thing."

McVay, on a video conference with reporters, added that Ramsey could end up re-setting the contractual market for cornerbacks.

If a deal isn't reached this season, the Rams could employ the franchise tag in 2021.

Ramsey's current leverage suggests a contract will get done at some point, and the Rams have been adamant they'll keep the corner around long-term as well.

"I'm so impressed with Jalen's leadership," McVay said, regarding what he's seen from Ramsey during virtual meetings. "When he came in (last season) I was so impressed. Now you have a foundation where you're able to talk to him about stuff outside of football. You really get a feel for his football acumen and seeing the game through the lens he sees it. It's going to be fun watching him grow. I'm just really enjoying getting to know him better as a human being. The more I know the more I love this guy."

Entering a new defense under coordinator Brandon Staley, it sounds as though L.A. will lean on Ramsey even more in 2020.

"With Jalen, what's awesome about him is he can play anywhere," the DC said last week, via the team's official website. "He can play outside or inside or safety. So we can move him around if we need to."

Ramsey said he was looking forward to playing under Staley.

"I'm very excited about the way I'm going to be utilized in this defense. I'll leave it at that. I think my talents will be shown thoroughly," Ramsey said Tuesday, via J.B. Long of the Rams' radio network.

The more Ramsey shows off his talents, the bigger his payday could be whenever it eventually comes.

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