Raiders' playoff hopes still alive after Week 16 win

The chance for the Raiders to make the playoffs aren't even one in a million, even if they are long.

Following Oakland's win Sunday over the Los Angeles Chargers, in which Raiders fans infiltrated their opponent's stadium, Jon Gruden's squad still has a path to the playoffs.

Most were unaware faint hope was still alive.

"No one thought we'd be playing for the playoffs in Week 17, let's be real," quarterback Derek Carr told Peter King for his *Football Morning in America* column.

The door stayed open with the Titans and Steelers both losing Sunday, and several more matchups falling Oakland's way.

The Raiders still need a lot of help, but their path isn't impossible to fathom.

Per NFL Research, the Raiders would make the playoffs with a win over the Broncos and: a Tennessee loss, a Pittsburgh loss, an Indianapolis win, and Oakland beats Pittsburgh on strength of victory.

Let's allow Raiders radio play-by-play man Brent Musburger to put that in more Vegas-ese.

"Well, it's pretty crazy," Musburger told King. "It took a five-team parlay this week to get to a four-team parlay next week."

The Titans would win the final wild-card spot in the AFC with a victory over Houston, who already won the division. The Steelers would get in with a win and a Tennessee loss. Given that the Baltimore Ravens are already locked into the No. 1 seed and should be sitting starters, it boosts Pittsburgh's chances.

Still, if you'd have told Gruden a week ago after a crushing loss to Jacksonville in the final game in Oakland that the Raiders' door to the playoffs wasn't completely slammed shut with one week to play, he'd have taken those long odds.

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