Raiders owner Mark Davis won't attend home games if fans can't

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis doesn't plan to attend home games if his fans are barred from the stadium.

"I won't go if the fans can't go, and the way it looks right now there won't be any fans at our games," Davis told Vic Tafur of The Athletic.

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is nearly complete and would be ready to host a preseason game, if the Raiders play one at home. The stadium fits 65,000 people on game day.

Many NFL teams have announced plans for significantly reduced capacities if teams are allowed to have fans at games at all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It's all or none for me," Davis told Tafur. "Either all the fans are going to be in there or none."

"I can't tell one fan that they can't go to the inaugural opening game in a stadium that they helped to build through their PSLs," Davis continued. "I won't tell them that they can't go but the rest of these guys can ... and oh, by the way, don't worry about it because we'll be able to advertise on your seats."

Davis said that he is not planning a ceremony to honor the opening of the new stadium in Vegas when it's completed.

"If we miss Inaugural Season 1.0, we'll get it next year -- we'll have Inaugural Season 2.0," Davis said. "We can do the ribbon-cutting and all those things next year. That's the way that I feel right now. ... I can't see it any other way.

"I just can't. How do you tell fans who gets to go to that first game and who doesn't? Or who doesn't get to see the Tom Brady game. ... It's a really tough situation that really can't be blamed on anybody. All our dreams are coming true, with the new stadium and the new practice facility and everything else, but real life gets in the way sometimes.

"And that's where we are with this pandemic. We're just taking it day by day like everyone else."

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