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Raiders OC Greg Olson: 'I've got to do a better job'

As we pointed out on the latest podcast, the ground game of the Oakland Raiders has dipped to historical lows. Their 63 yards per outing marks the worst rate since the 1946 Detroit Lions.

Oakland's dead-on-arrival rushing attack has stunted the progress of rookie passer Derek Carr, whose winless squad faces the Chiefs this evening on Thursday Night Football, airing exclusively on NFL Network.

Carr has shown glimmers of hope, but he can't do it all for an offense dialing up a higher percentage of three-and-outs than any squad since 2005.

"I understand the frustration, and I don't think there is anybody that this has affected more than myself," offensive coordinator Greg Olson said this week, per CSN Bay Area. "Certainly, I understand I've got to do a better job and that the job has not been up to par at this point."

If anything, Olson has proven that he can be flexible. He changed schemes multiple times last season to suit Terrelle Pryor's gifts before altering the playbook to fit Matt McGloin.

That revolving door under center and elsewhere speaks to the core problem: The Raiders have nobody to hang their hat on. Olson isn't threatening to win The Assistant Coach of the Year trophy, but few play-callers are dealing with such a barren cupboard.

"We'll just keep working every day and try to get better," Olson said. "Again, it's not my first year as a coordinator. It's certainly not my best, obviously. But there will be better days ahead."

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