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Raiders not concerned with Matt Schaub's elbow

Some organizations execute a well-defined plan at quarterback. Other teams are the Oakland Raiders.

Just when it appeared that Matt Schaub's bout with elbow tendinitis had given Dennis Allen an excuse to turn to a younger arm capable of throwing convincingly beyond 10 yards, the Raiders head coach insisted Monday that the sketchy Week 1 plan remains the same and there are no concerns at quarterback.

Schaub said, via the San Francisco Chronicle, that his elbow soreness has been lingering for a couple of weeks, but has not affected his throwing. In fact, Schaub insists he's "100 percent" despite sitting out practice the past two days.

Allen backed up Schaub's assessment, adding that he has no concerns of his own about the elbow. This comes one day after Allen -- presumably with a straight face -- told reporters that he has not seen a lack of arm strength from Schaub.

If Allen isn't either in denial or playing fast-and-loose with the truth, he should be banned from quarterback evaluation for the rest of his career.

If Schaub is being sincere about the elbow soreness not affecting his throwing, the Raidersare in deep trouble.

The preseason play-calling has focused on dump offs, screens and crossers within a few yards of the line of scrimmage, as Schaub's fluttering intermediate and deep passes inevitably turn into contested balls.

Now is the time for the Raiders to exit damage control, concede their quarterback plan was flawed from the beginning and turn to Derek Carr or Matt McGloin for the season opener.

Instead, Allen will continue to stick his head in the sand, placing his own future and the fate of the 2014 Raiders behind a broken eight-ball.

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