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Raiders' Jackson says Palmer looked sharp in return to practice

Now that Carson Palmer knows more than 15 plays, some level of improvement can be expected in his second game with the Oakland Raiders.

Palmer, who was told he wasn't going to play just days after the team traded a pair of draft picks for him, admitted he was "shocked" when he was inserted against the Chiefs to make his Raiders' debut.

But Palmer stayed off the couch during the team's bye week, working out with several of the team's receivers over the weekend. Raiders coach Hue Jackson said Palmer "looked really sharp" when he returned to practice on Monday.

"I think he really has a grasp now of what we're trying to accomplish," Jackson told reporters. "I think from what I heard of what those guys did in those two days of spending time together really showed out here."

Sure, a "grasp" would be a good start.

Jackson insisted, though, that Palmer knew he had a chance to play against the Chiefs, and he asked the quarterback if he wanted to play to get some extra reps.

If nothing else, Jackson said it served as a reminder for Palmer to throw the ball before he gets hit.

"Does he totally understand the tempo and the speed of the game? Maybe not, but I think he understands he needs to get the ball out of his hands," said Jackson. "I guarantee you that."

Palmer was certainly reminded of that. This all might also serve as a reminder for Raider Nation to temper expectations as Palmer knocks the rust off.

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