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Raiders beat Texans with 10 men on the field ... or did they?

Coach Hue Jackson gathered his Oakland Raiders after safety Michael Huff's last-play interception sealed a 25-20 victory over the Houston Texans on Sunday and emotionally told them that he believed the team's late owner, Al Davis, "had his hand on that ball."

If so, that would have given the Raiders 11 men on the field.


An astute reader pointed out to on Tuesday that the Raiders had just 10 men on the field on Huff's interception, and video review on confirmed the fact.

Perhaps that's what Oakland defensive tackle Tommy Kelly was talking about when he said Houston quarterbackMatt Schaub "choked" on the play.

"All he had to do was run it in," Kelly told the Houston Chronicle. "He choked, simple as that."

Schaub appeared to think about running in from the 5-yard line for the winning touchdown, but he instead flipped the ball in the direction of wide receiver Jacoby Jones. That's when Huff stepped in front of Jones and cradled the ball in the end zone for the victory-clinching interception.

And somewhere, a man in white is smiling.

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