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Quick Take: Unbeaten teams to duel in San Diego and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing: Another rumble between undefeated teams, only one of which is a proven entity. It's tough to doubt what the Falcons have done, especially after they hit the pause button on the Peyton Manning lovefest with some inspired ball-hawking in the Georgia Dome. It's a little harder to figure out the Chargers. Victories over two winless teams haven't offered solid proof that this year won't be like the last two. And local enthusiasm seems to be lagging, particularly when it comes to selling tickets. But a win over Matt Ryan's team could trigger a belief that the core is strong, even while San Diego deals with several key injuries.

What to watch:Ryan Mathews could return to action after missing the first two games of the season with a broken clavicle. The third-year running back's talent is never in question, but Mathews needs to stay on the field, especially after an offseason full of anticipation and hype. If he manages to do that, the Chargers' offense could be as balanced as any. The Falcons' juggernaut of an offense, meanwhile, hit a bit of a roadblock against the Broncos, despite getting four turnovers from their defense. Can they rebound? And what should we expect from running back Michael Turner, who was arrested and charged with a DUI after Monday night's big win?

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