Quick Take: T.O.'s debut is a dud

Around the League editor Gregg Rosenthal has his takeaways from the game:

From Around the League:
» Lessons from Saturday's preseason games

» Matt Flynn attempted five passes to Terrell Owens. None of them were completed. Owens appeared to run the wrong route a few times and dropped a would-be 46-yard touchdown. He can't afford another game like this.

» Flynn didn't have a strong game, although his numbers would look much different if T.O. had caught that potential touchdown pass. Russell Wilson had a lot of fun moments playing with the backups, but we'd be stunned if this "competition" is still going next week. It looks like it's Flynn's job.

» If nothing else, Wilson's excellent preseason helps support all of Pete Carroll's hype. Flynn might not have a long leash during the regular season with Wilson sitting on the bench.

» Peyton Manninglooked a lot better than his numbers indicated, although his attempts at vertical passes went awry.

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