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Quick Take: Surprising Bucs travel to take on Giants and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing: What looked to be a laugher before the season isn't so funny now. Fresh off a hard-nosed victory over the Panthers, the Buccaneers are no longer lost in the shuffle. Stifling, pressure defense, taking away what an opponent does best, sound football -- they looked like the Giants. And now, Greg Schiano's guys get to play the Giants. The fact that Tom Coughlin's team is fresh off a surprising loss to the Cowboys might not be as meaningful as the fact that the G-Men had four more days than usual to prepare. Bad time for Tampa Bay to face 'em.

What to watch: If Schiano made one lasting impression in his first NFL game, it's that he made us all forget that the Panthers are a running team. He completely shut that down. What will be the focus against the Giants? Victor Cruz in the slot? That one-two punch of Ahmad Bradshaw and David Wilson in the backfield? The problem with the G-Men is that they don't simply have one thing you need to stop. What will be interesting -- for those of us who like to jump to rash conclusions -- is the comparison between rookie running backs on opposite sidelines. One pick before the Giants grabbed Wilson, the Bucs took Doug Martin. And both teams claim they got the one they wanted. Let's start the comparisons ... now!

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