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Quick Take: Saints, Panthers aim to avoid 0-2 and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing: The fact that both offensive juggernauts came out of the gates stumbling was a little surprising. Who predicted a home loss for the Saints (one that made Robert Griffin III look like the Superman cape socks he wears)? Who thought the Panthers would be humbled by the division-rival Bucs, after an offseason featuring more optimism than the franchise has enjoyed in years? All of that is intriguing. But the best thing about this game? It'll be really fun to watch. Both teams boast plenty of offensive talent and quick-strike capability. Edge-of-your-seat kind of stuff.

What to watch: All training camp, the Saints set themselves up as a franchise that could make a seamless transition from Sean Payton to interim coach to next interim coach. Will the adversity of a loss bolster them or send them into a tailspin? There is no way to predict because there isn't precedent. It's not something other teams have dealt with. While this game has plenty to watch for, including whether or not Cam Newton can get back on track, nothing is more noteworthy than gauging the Saints' early reaction to troubles.

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