Quick Take: Saints aim to ruin Falcons' run

NFL.com and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing: This one would have been an easy pick for top honors if you'd looked at the schedule before the season started. It would've been a ridiculous choice if you'd looked at it after Week 4. Now, this makes sense at No. 2. We know what the Falcons are. After dispatching the Dallas Cowboys, tight end Tony Gonzalez wondered if the time had come for media folks to finally say, "The Falcons are a good team." Well, it's here. They're good. But more under-the-radar is the notion that the Saints could be on their way, also. Really; the belief has always been there. New Orleans followed an 0-4 start with a 3-1 run; roughing up the Philadelphia Eagles on national TV Monday just solidified Drew Brees' hope that all is not lost. The Falcons should be able to overwhelm that still-leaky Saints defense, even on the road, while their own corners present the Saints with the rare duo they can't destroy with their passing attack. Atlanta is poised to pull this out. But if the Saints are the one team to tarnish the Falcons' record, they will have changed the conversation for 2012.

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