Quick Take: Redskins drop host Giants

It was over when ...
A case of the dropsies began to afflict the Giants running backs. After Brandon Jacobs killed a number of drives by dropping passes, Reuben Droughns had a another go through his hands on 4th-and-10 with just over three minutes left, giving the Redskins possession. New York never touched the ball again.

Game balls
Running back Clinton Portis carried the load for the Redskins on a windy day that made it tough to throw. He rushed for 126 yards on 25 attempts and tallied a key touchdown on the opening possession of the second half. Defensively, the honor goes to safety Reed Doughty. The second-year player, doing his best to fill in for the late Sean Taylor, had 10 tackles and helped Washington hold New York to just one touchdown.

Key stat
The weather conditions clearly affected both quarterbacks. They combined to complete only 34 percent of their passes. The difference was that Todd Collins got big yardage on his successful throws, 20.75 yards per completion), while Eli Manning only got 10.2 yards per completion.

Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey left in the third quarter with a broken fibula, likely ending his season. ... New York wide receiver David Tyree missed the game due to the passing of his mother. ... Collins was making his first start since 1997. ... The Moss brothers each led their respective teams in receiving yards -- Santana had 75 for the Redskins, while Sinorice had 53 for the Giants.

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