Quick Take: Redskins at Ravens

Keep your eye on ...

The Ravens' receiving corps: Drew Bennett retired two days after signing with the team, then Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams suffered injuries, and now Derrick Mason, who came back from retirement, hurt his finger. Baltimore can ill afford another ailment afflicting a wideout, but all the injuries will allow the team to look at its depth against the Redskins.

The Redskins' banged-up offensive line: Washington has suffered myriad of injuries along the offensive line, and it's one of the team's biggest concerns entering the season. The unit will receive a stiff test against Baltimore's blitzing defense.

Rookie vs. rookie: The Redskins are counting on first-round draft pick Brian Orakpo to improve the team's pass rush this season, and he will go up against a Ravens offensive line that is counting on its own first-round selection, Michael Oher, to prevent such a pass rush.

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