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Quick Take: Patriots, Jets renew rivalry and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing:Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie hasn't called Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a dirty word. Jets coach Rex Ryan hasn't tweaked Bill Belichick, not even for leaving star tight end Rob Gronkowski in on the final try for the 59th point against the Colts in Week 11, even though his doing so resulted in a broken forearm for Gronk. Desirous of something controversial? Better move along. You won't find it in this edition of the oft-heated rivalry. Instead, the Patriots have seemed impressed with how the broken-down Jets almost beat them last time. The Jets, stripped of bravado, have more than enough of their own issues to handle, and don't need to take the bait to look outside. What does that leave us with? A simple, awesome, football game, with the spotlight on Ryan's tricky defense trying to match wits with Brady's Gronk-less offense, which must adjust in a matter of mere days.

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