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Quick Take: Giants, Eagles renew heated rivalry and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing: Mostly, it'll just be great to see the worlds collide and find out how good these teams are. The G-Men have offered a mixed message, losing to the Cowboys at home and falling far behind the Bucs before stealing a win with a huge fourth quarter. But they did come back and destroy the Panthers. We'll know more Sunday night, but the Eagles need to tell us something, too. Are they the dominant team they have shown at times or will turnovers doom them?

What to watch: If you like aggressive, no-holds-barred defensive lines, this is your type of game. The Giants can always get after the passer, and that doesn't bode well for Vick. Few quarterbacks have been banged around like he has this season, and it'll be a challenge for him to hang onto the ball against that penetrating attack. If the Eagles can protect him, though, life will be good. On the other side, Philadelphia may be the only team that can devastate an offensive line like the G-Men. How well the quarterbacks stay poised may determine this high-powered showdown.

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