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Quick Take: Clash of styles hits Lambeau and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing: Two of the NFC's superpowers rumble in this opener, and one will lose. After that, it's tough to figure when either team will drop another game. The Packers bulldozed their way through the regular season last year, and nothing has changed. As for the Niners, they addressed their most glaring weakness by stocking up on receivers, and one of them only pays with straight cash (homey). Who wouldn't tune in for the return of Randy Moss?

What to watch: This clash of styles will completely seduce football nerds, a group that I'll admit I belong to. The tough-as-nails, nasty Niners vs. the high-flying, pass-heavy Packers. Can a defense built to stop the run clamp down on an offense that often seems disinterested in running? Not if Green Bay can block San Francisco up front. When the 49ers have the ball, it'll be our first chance to see how quickly quarterback Alex Smith can get acclimated with a whole new crop of receivers in what should be an improved offense.

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