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Quick Take: Bucs defense presents test for RG3 and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing: One of the NFL's fastest defenses will try to catch Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. This is speed on speed. The former track star, Griffin, might prove to be the one thing the Bucs can't slow down. As active a front as they are, RG3 might be running a lot. In addition, both teams are in bad need of a win, with someone falling to 1-3.

What to watch: The surprise player of the year is Redskins back Alfred Morris, now 10th in the NFL with 87.7 yards per game. Needing to give RG3 some relief, the 'Skins have turned to pounding the rock with Morris for stellar results. But no team stops the run as handily as the Bucs. Their D-line is slick and their linebackers are playmakers. So, this defense has the speed to contain RG3 and the physicality to pound Morris. Washington has high hopes this year, but a visit to Tampa may put a serious damper on things.

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