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Quarterback Beck takes Redskins' offseason leadership role

The Washington Redskins' quarterback situation remains a topic of much debate inside and outside of the nation's capital after the apparent falling out with Donovan McNabb, followed by the club not selecting a quarterback during April's NFL draft.

Beck over McNabb makes sense

The Redskins have major roster voids, and finding out about John Beck -- who Mike Shanahan traded for and likes -- makes sense, writes Jason La Canfora.

However, the one quarterback the Redskins have under contract, John Beck -- whom coach Mike Shanahan has said he "think(s) the world" of -- is taking on a leadership role by communicating with teammates and organizing workouts during the lockout, *The Washington Post* reported Tuesday, citing various Washington area television and radio reports.

"We have stuff going on," Beck said during an interview on 102.1 The Game. "We have plans in the future for another big giant group, full-team type deal, like we did last time -- and hopefully we get some more guys out -- but we have things.

"This is important to us, it's important to the Redskins, to the players. We're doing the best we can in this kind of crummy situation. We're trying to find a way so when the doors are open, we can go out there and be the best football team we can be."

Beck, who has not taken a regular-season snap since the 2007 season, also has taken a lead in reaching out to rookies, running back Evan Royster told NBC affiliate WRC.

"I talked to John Beck," Royster said. "He sent me some of the install stuff the first day. I mean, I'm just trying to get a grasp on the playbook a little bit now."

That begs the question, why didn't Beck play when Shanahan benched McNabb with three games remaining in the 2010 season? The currently unsigned Rex Grossman started and led the Redskins to a victory and two three-point losses.

"Coach Shanahan knows what he's doing," Beck said. "He has a plan, always. And if I'm the head coach, and I have a player that has only been on my team a couple months, that didn't do OTAs with me, has never ever been in the West Coast offense, who just barely had to start learning the offense.

"When that season ended, I had hundreds of questions for (offensive coordinator) Kyle Shanahan -- OK, now that we don't have to play anybody, I have questions, because I'm still learning this offense. So I think coach Shanahan knew that."

Beck said he isn't taking a 2011 starting job for granted.

"Obviously nothing's done," he said. "Right now, where we stand, it looks like that's going be a great opportunity for me to battle for the job and to go out there and prove that I can do it."

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