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QB Index: Eleven teams that need new QBs in 2015

After 14 weeks, there's isn't a lot of movement in our weekly quarterback rankings. So let's do something a little different in this week's QB Index: What teams will be looking for a new quarterback in 2015?

We've listed eleven teams below that should be interested in new signal-callers in the offseason, with seven particularly desperate squads. With a free agent crop that looks typically thin, there's going to be a supply and demand problem.

Desperate for a starter

Buffalo Bills: The best Bills season in the last decade has been strangely frustrating. That's because Bills fans know they have the defense and skill-position talent to be a real contender. They just don't have the quarterback. Getting benched for Kyle Orton is an indictment on EJ Manuel's future. Orton is not a long-term fix, and is due $5.4 million next season. There's no telling if he'll be back.

New York Jets: The Michael Vick experiment won't last another year. I'm foolish enough to believe Geno Smith could have a chance to rebound with the right coach, but he's not someone to count on beyond competing for a gig. There are a lot of Jets fans out there hoping the Jets lose down the stretch so they can nab their choice of rookies.

Houston Texans:Ryan Fitzpatrick has had more strong moments than expected for a pleasantly mediocre team. But he was benched for Ryan Mallett for a reason, and he's paid like a backup. Mallett will be free agent and can't be brought back as anything more than an option. It would be stunning if the Texans didn't draft a quarterback high this year.

Tennessee Titans: We've heard the case, from smart analysts like NFL Films' Greg Cosell, that Zach Mettenberger can develop into a solid starting quarterback. There is some local sentiment, not exactly dismissed by Ken Whisenhunt, that Mettenberger's presence could prevent the Titans from taking a quarterback in the top five.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:Mike Glennon looks like a promising quarterback to us, but not to this Buccaneers staff. They should let him go elsewhere. Josh McCown, under contract next year, has the salary of a bridge quarterback. It would be depressing for Bucs fans if McCown was a Week 1 starting quarterback again.

Washington Redskins: It is hard to believe the Redskins are on this list, but it's harder to ignore reality. No one knows if Robert Griffin III, coach Jay Gruden, or general manager Bruce Allen will be in Washington next season. It's hard to imagine Gruden and Griffin working together again.

In Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy, the Redskins have two backups. Cousins also lost his job to McCoy, which won't help any possible trade value. He still has a year left on his contract. Washington is as likely a candidate as any team to overspend in free agency or make another risky trade. (Jay Cutler, anyone?)

St. Louis Rams: With each successive year, it becomes 50 percent harder to imagine Sam Bradford as a legitimate "franchise" quarterback. This offseason will be particularly tricky with Bradford coming off his second torn ACL. The Rams have two fine backup options (Shaun Hill, Austin Davis), and an untenable contract for Bradford.

The Rams could release Bradford or restructure his deal, but they need another option to start. A clean break might be best for everyone.

Upgrade potential

Arizona Cardinals: Carson Palmer will be paid like a high quality starter next season because he's due guaranteed money, but he will be 35 years old and coming off a torn ACL. His injury was unbelievably unfortunate for Palmer and the Cardinals. Drew Stanton is a backup that Bruce Arians loves, but he's still a backup. (As Bucky Brooks pointed out on Wednesday's podcast, that's for a reason.) The Cardinals are more likely to look for help in the draft than free agency.

Philadelphia Eagles: Mark Sanchez has been a pleasant surprise on balance, but his story in Philadelphia is unfinished. His ceiling is limited and he's a free agent after the year. Nick Foles was showing signs for concern before he got hurt. Chip Kelly should be open to looking for competition via the draft or free agency.

Cleveland Browns: Sure, Johnny Manziel was just taken in the first round. His play over the next three weeks will inform the team's need at the position, but it looks like Brian Hoyerwon't be back. Manziel will still need a veteran to go with him next year.

The X-factor

Chicago Bears: Maybe this wouldn't even be a shock. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday that that the Bears had a case of "buyer's remorse" regarding Jay Cutler, and Brandon Marshalldidn't disagree. Cutler is guaranteed $15.5 million next season, which is high but not that much above market price for a mid-level starting quarterback. Some of the teams at the top of this list would inevitably be interested if Cutler was available as a free agent. Trading for him much trickier to pull off.

This is an organization with bigger questions than quarterback, which is never a great sign. It's hard to imagine Cutler's future until we know more about who is running the Bears next year.

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