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Put in some work with this NFL-level workout

*The 2015 season is nearly at the halfway point. There's already been some instense workouts unlocked on NFL Up! Here's a compilation of workouts featuring drills from some of the players unlocked this season.


Repeat the below circuit three times. Rest 20-30 seconds in between each exercise to keep your heart rate up. Remember to stretch before and after your workout.* *

For more tips on stretching, check out these exercises and drills.

1. Slosh Pipe March
Pool workouts are a great way to exercise while limiting impact on the body. Focus on stability for this core workout. There's also a variation available
Reps: 10 steps with high knees on each leg.

2. Rotational Dumbbell Lunge
The hips have to be strong in order to change direction and react to the offense quickly. This exercise ensures the hips are good and strong.
Reps: 12 each leg.

3. Push Sled Sprint
Strengthen the knees, hips and ankles all at once with this exercise.
Reps: Sprint for 50 yards, three times. Resting about 30 seconds between sprints.

4. Lateral Step Up Jump
Jumping exercises and plyometrics can really get the heartrate going. Build explosiveness with this simple but intesne drill.
Reps: Eight steps each leg

5. Floor Plank
This plank variation adds some increased difficulty with a medicine ball.
Reps: 10 reps.

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