Project Revis: Darrelle Revis nears end of his recovery road

Tampa Bay Buccaneers veterans reported to training camp Wednesday, and Darrelle Revis was on hand after a long journey.

Revis, who was traded from the New York Jets to the Bucs last spring, is nearing the end of his comeback from ACL surgery on his left knee.

In the latest installment of Andrea Kremer's "Project Revis," the player health and safety chief correspondent for NFL Network checked in with Revis before he reported to camp.

Revis said it was two months ago when he truly thought he could make it back on the field. That's when he started running in Tampa Bay under the eyes of Bucs trainer Todd Toriscelli.

"I remember I was doing that with Todd," Revis said on the last day of his 10 months of rehabilitation. "Me and him were talking after the workout. I told him how excited I was.

"And then I started doing (defensive back) drills with him and I started cutting off my left leg and off my knee, and I was like, 'Oh, I can cut again now. I can do this.' "

Revis said he has performed the move on which was injured during Week 3 last season.

"We've done that and more," he said.

Revis' trainer in Phoenix, Brett Fischer, said change of direction is all defensive backs do.

"That's their job," Fischer said. "That's how you tear an ACL. In fact, when he hurt it, he was running, jumped over a guy, and the guy cut back on him in a change of direction. It was a non-contact injury."

Fischer said he had to recreate the injury move to rebuild Revis' confidence. Revis told his trainers he had to do the move "full throttle."

"I had to do it because I had to know where I wanted to be at," Revis said.

Kremer was told the Bucs plan to ease Revis into practices and don't expect to use him in any preseason games. However, they fully expect him to be on the field for the season opener.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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