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Pro Bowl Skills Showdown to have drone-related event

The Pro Bowl Skills Showdown will make its return this week after a decade-long hiatus. We already knew about the dodgeball game -- we're legitimately excited about the dodgeball game -- and now the NFL has shared details of another new event. This one reminds us it isn't 2006 anymore.

(Stop staring at your paunch. I'm not talking about your paunch. You gotta stop obsessing about the paunch.)

I'm talking about drones, man.

NFL PR man Brian McCarthy hinted earlier Tuesday that the league had added another new event that was "equally cool" to dodgeball. My fervent mistrust of machines aside, I agree this adds another wrinkle of intrigue to the proceedings. McCarthy tweeted that the league got FAA approval for their drone usage, which is good because those suckers are way up there.

Nobody asks for my feedback on this stuff, but I'd suggest dropping other stuff from the drones. Like maybe Doug Baldwin has to try to catch a football one round, but an Italian sub the next. You want to know who has the softest hands? Release some eggs from a height of approximately 800 feet. Or, stay with me here, we work in some bowling balls -- only some are hollowed out to the weight of a couple of ounces while others are standard weight 12-pounders. You feeling lucky?

Players would have to sign a ironclad waiver, of course. This is why nobody asks for my feedback. Follow along with Conor Orr, who's got the Pro Bowl covered.

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