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Pro Bowl analysis: AFC roster full of good calls, omissions

The NFL announced its Pro Bowl rosters Tuesday night. Below, I share my thoughts on the players who made it and in a few instances some players who should be heading to Hawaii instead.


The first two are easy, with Brady and Roethlisberger both continuing to add to their future Hall of Fame careers. Rivers is another story, as his interception-filled first half of the season was a cause for concern. But with only two picks over his final five games, the Chargers QB earned the spot.


It's no coincidence that all three of these guys are the top three rushers in the AFC. And it should be noted that all three players are also factors in their teams' passing games as well.


I'm not sure a fullback is still a full-time position worthy of a Pro Bowl slot. I would rather have the H-back here and would give it to Aaron Hernandez of the Pats.


All the best receivers in the AFC are on the list. I like that this group has a great combination of speed and quickness. Everyone in this group is a play-maker who can score touchdowns from anywhere on the field.


Gronkowski is an amazing talent and a game-changer for New England. When healthy, Gates can still make plays, but he is on the decline. Next year, Jared Cook of the Titans and Jermaine Gresham of the Bengals need to be on this list.


*Joe Thomas, Browns; *Jake Long, Dolphins; D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Jets

Andrew Whitworth of the Bengals should be on the list. He has played well all season. To put him on, I'd take off Ferguson, who has struggled against the best rushers he faced -- the Pats' Andre Carter and the Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul.


*Logan Mankins, Patriots; *Brian Waters, Patriots; Marshall Yanda, Ravens

No omissions here. Waters looks like he has not missed a beat and is still a solid player. Both Mankins and Yanda are worthy of the list, too.


Both of these players are the best at their positions and vital to their teams' success. That was evident when both missed time due to injury.


Tough year for Freeney, but he is still disruptive. His teammate Robert Mathis is as well and had the Colts had a better season, he'd be here. Carter was a huge factor in the Pats' success and is well deserving, as is Dumervil.


All three had great years and all three require constant double teams, which should be a prerequisite for Pro Bowlers.


Suggs, Miller and Hali all impact the game on passing downs. It's hard to leave off LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison, but both have been injured and missed games.


*Ray Lewis, Ravens; Derrick Johnson, Chiefs

Lewis makes the list on rep. His overall season was not as good as Brian Cushing's. Johnson is a top player and impacts the game on all three downs. Another tough omission was the Browns' D'Qwell Jackson, who is a tackling machine.


Three really good players, though I feel that the Browns' Joe Haden and the Chiefs' Brandon Flowers had better years than Bailey.


Reed is still a dominating playmaker and Weddle was one of the few bright spots on the Chargers defense.


He still makes an impact, even though he does not have an interception this season.

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