President Obama: Non-PI call 'was a little suspect'

Now President Barack Obama has chimed in on The PI Call That Wasn't.

The POTUS couldn't help but feel for the Lions after a controversial 24-20 playoff ouster at the hands of the Cowboys on Sunday. Obama, like many who disagreed with the decision by game officials to pick up the penalty flag on Dallas linebacker Anthony Hitchens, feels the Lions got a raw deal.

"I'm a Bears fan, you beat us twice," Obama said at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant on Wednesday, according to the Detroit Free Press. "But even a Bears fan has to admit that that was a little suspect. I had never seen anything like that before. I would've been pretty irritated.

"All I can say, cause I'm used to saying this, I'm a Bears fan, there's always next year. And look, you've got a lot to be hopeful for. First of all, you've got one of the best defenses in the league. Fine young quarterback, Megatron and, if there's one thing that you can take to the bank when talking about Detroit, is that Detroit always comes back."

Well, the city does. We'll see if the Lions have the same steely resolve.

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