Presenting the 2015 #NFLFanLeague contestants

There were loads of fantastic entries for the #NFLFanLeague, but sadly, only 10 finalists could be chosen to play against Marcas Grant and Alex Gelhar this season. Below, Marcas and Alex explain their selection process, and welcome the first 10 members to the #NFLFanLeague.

Alex Gelhar: Well, we delayed the selection process a tad, but I for one am excited to welcome the following 10 fantasy enthusiasts to the #NFLFanLeague. How about you?

Marcas Grant: I consider us to be men of the people, so it should be fun to play in a league with some of our readers.

A.G.: Very true. Let's get to the first victim ... I mean selection.

A.G.: Ryan Sim gets in on the strength of both the humor and honesty in his tweet. I can't help but feel the need to help someone who uses #loserhusband in his response.

M.G.: It's a definite cry for help. But what hashtag will he use when he loses in this league?

A.G.: We'll have to wait and see!

M.G.: Sean Roberts (aka Col. Nathan Jessup) went all "A Few Good Men" on us. That and an endorsement from Adam Rank goes a long way.

A.G.: It certainly does. but will he be able to handle the truth that he's not good enough to beat us in fantasy?

M.G.: Something, something, something Code Red. Something, something, something.

A.G.: Brad makes it into the league as he played in a league with my father 20 years ago, back when I was just a wee lad. I had to deliver beers to the adults while awaiting my chance to join the league. Twitter bringing people together, pretty cool, no?

M.G.: This is just going to make it harder for you to draft your favorite Packers.

A.G.: sniffles Jordy ... sniffles

M.G.: We had a lot of strong international entries, but Lukas "Random Guy from Switzerland" Hadorn gets the call here. Random seems to fit our group pretty well.

A.G.: I'd agree. Plus, he identified something this league was missing (a Random Guy from Switzerland) as well as a solution.

A.G.: Given how frequently we reference pop culture at our desks, you knew some sort of movie/TV reference had to make it in.

M.G.: I'm sure he'll be in a glass case of emotion once he realizes he made it in the league.

A.G.: He just better not bring any tridents to the draft.

M.G.: We love a good hard luck story. Getting pneumonia after being forced to spend 30 minutes in the snow is pretty hard luck.

A.G.: First he's down on his luck. Now he gets a shot at redemption. If Henry Collins wins this league, does he get a Lifetime movie made about his story?

M.G.: Yes. Starring Dean Cain.

A.G.: I know this might be a tad self-indulgent of us, but how can we not give Kevin McCollum a spot after he cleverly referenced Adam Rank's Twitter etiquette rant from the NFL Fantasy LIVE podcast?

M.G.: Self-indulgent is what we do best. After all, we're pompous enough to think people will compete against each other just to play in a fantasy league against us.

A.G.: Shhh, Marcas. You're revealing our trade secrets!

M.G.: We also have a sense of nostalgia. That's why Matthew reaching all the way back to the '00s for his credit card-themed tweet gets a nod.

A.G.: Indeed, although his math seems off. What draft board is he buying for $115, when he can get the official NFL Fantasy Draft Board for just $39.99? And he should know that losing to us in this league will at least cost him his dignity.

M.G.: Shameless self-promotion. I dig it.

A.G.: I know we'll never see Joey Kregler in this league, but I have to say I'm proud of him for taking the step to put on pants now that he has been accepted.

M.G.: Hopefully they're his big boy pants. He's gonna need 'em to compete in this league.

A.G.: The heat from this burn is so intense I'm sweating at my desk.

M.G.: I'd say in a given week, Josh probably only does about 15 minutes of real, actual work. That's gonna go down now.

A.G.: Indeed. He's going to have to squeeze in his #NFLFanLeague draft in between his meetings with the Bobs, but I think he's got real upper-management potential.

M.G.: Maybe the real problem is we're not challenging him enough ... Nah. That can't be it.

A.G.: Definitely not. I look forward to reading his in-season TPS reports. Assuming he remembers we're using the new cover sheet. Do you think he got the memo?

M.G.: If he didn't, he's naga-naga-not gonna play here anymore. That's for sure.

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