Power Rankings: 10 Best Retirement Announcements Ever

You don't always need a podium and a box of tissues to announce the end of an NFL career.

A cell phone and a lighthearted sense of humor works, too.

Just ask Drew Brees, who enlisted his kids for a 13-second video signaling the end of his storied run. It was quick, funny, and not super serious. After lasting about 17 seasons longer in this league than the average pro, why not have a little fun at the end?

Brees' video will go down as one of the greats, just like these 10 all-time retirement announcements did:

10. Seahawks and Raiders legend Marshawn Lynch really hung 'em up

9. Former Chiefs FB Anthony Sherman flew off into a bold new future

8. Former Ravens, Lions, and Eagles DL Haloti Ngata made news at 16,893 ft

7. Legendary Bears DB Charles "Peanut" Tillman didn't fumble his announcement

6. Former 49ers, Washington TE Vernon Davis got Gronk and Deebo in on his video

5. Ex-Patriots, Texans DL Vince Wilfork turned his retirement news into a BBQ ad

4. Former Colts CB Vontae Davis called it a career at halftime

3. Journeyman QB Kyle Orton never came back

2. Former Vikings, Chiefs sackmaster Jared Allen literally rode off into the sunset

1. And Tom Brady announced... nevermind