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Power Rankings: 10 players who should reclaim college jersey numbers

Throwback jerseys are one thing. 

The impending uniform free-for-all about to hit NFL rosters is a whole new ballgame. 

NFL stars are already scheming their new aesthetics after the league relaxed its ruled governing position and jersey numbers. Linebackers, defensive backs, and offensive skill position players are the chief groups eligible for a new number starting in 2021.

This means the biggest NFL stars could revert to college-like jerseys -- but should they? Here are the 10 big names who'd look a lot better rocking their old digits from back in the day:

10. Ezekiel Elliott

There's something so satisfying about watching a big ballcarrier like Zeke rumble in a No. 15 jersey, like he did back at Ohio State.

9. Justin Jefferson

The Rookie of the Year runner-up made a name for himself in the 18 jersey. But No. 2 just looked so good when he was a Bayou Bengal.

8. JuJu Smith-Schuster

He wore No. 9 at USC. When he joined the Steelers, he stuck a one in front of it. Now, JuJu looks like he's considering a switch back.

7. Jalen Ramsey

Secret's out. The star Rams CB let his jersey preferences be known for all his Twitter followers to see.

6. Patrick Peterson/Tyrann Mathieu/Leonard Fournette/etc.

LSU's No. 7 jersey is sacred. Those who wore it down in Baton Rouge should at least consider rocking it in the league.

5. Alvin Kamara

Kamara's pulled off the impossible — looking good as a RB with a number in the 40s. His old No. 6 at Tennessee has some swagger befitting a playmaker of his ilk.

4. DeAndre Hopkins

Looks like DeAndre wants to pull a LeBron and bring back his old Clemson jersey number.

3. Chase Young

Unless he "switches" to outside LB, Young can't technically switch jersey numbers. Let's not let technicalities prevent this theoretical exercise. His old Ohio State number -- No. 2 -- is somehow even swaggier than his current No. 99.

2. Christian McCaffrey

We never got to see Reggie Bush wear No. 5 in the pros; fellow PAC 12 product Christian McCaffrey could take up that mantle with his old Stanford digits.

1. Derrick Henry

Let's be real: King Henry should get an exemption to wear No. 0, the percentage a single defender has of bringing him down. Until that day comes, it'd be amazing to see the NFL's biggest back wearing a single-digit jersey once reserved for kickers. He wore No. 2 at Alabama and as a rookie and it looked wonderful.