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Potential playoff previews in AFC highlight Week 4

We've just about reached the quarterpole of the season, the time when you can really start to sift through the stats and begin to put credence in some trends. Usually through October, the cream starts to rise to the top and teams forge their identities. Remember, games here are rated as either a footlong, a six-inch, a pita or a finger sandwich.

This could be another week in which the undefeated teams continue their runs -- none of the 3-0 teams are facing a premier opponent this week -- and the most meaningful games come in the AFC. Six of the winning teams in that conference go out of their division to face another team with strong playoff aspirations.

The six teams involved in those games -- Baltimore, New York Jets, New England, Oakland, Pittsburgh and Houston -- all have division title hopes. And, what do you know, we get one of the AFC heavyweight games at 1 p.m. ET, one at 4 p.m. ET, and the nightcap Sunday. Well played, NFL schedule makers, well played.

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