Potential Carson project development land unavailable

Could the NFL's new destination in Los Angeles be smaller than expected?

Per NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, a key piece of land initially viewed as parking and additional development space is no longer available. Rapoport discussed the issue on NFL Network's GameDay First on Sunday morning:

*"A 200-acre plot of land adjacent to the Carson project put forth by the Raiders and Chargers for a possible move is now viewed as no longer available to them, according to sources briefed on their situation. The land -- The Links at Victoria Golf Course -- would have been used for future long-term development and parking in the potential new stadium. It was one of the plots considered for acquisition in the event NFL owners approve the Carson project at the slated January meeting. But based on a number of factors, including some politics, it's now viewed as not happening. *

"What that means, according to those who have followed it closely, is that the Carson development may not be as large as some imagined."

Depending on who you talked to over the last six months, the Carson project -- one of two proposed stadium projects in the Los Angeles area -- was either viewed as MetLife Stadium-style joint effort, or something far more grandiose. The words "destination" and "league centerpiece" were thrown around leaving many to believe that this would be a massive piece of architecture.

Still, those closely connected with the project don't seem concerned.

"We have our core piece of land, we don't need anything else," Carson project advocate Carmen Policy told Rapoport. "We don't need any additional property. Obviously, if the league gives its approval, we'll be looking at other developments and expansion ideas in the entire area."

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