Post Football Therapy: Reasons 2015 will be better


*The 2014 season is in the books. While New England Patriots fans are celebrating, everyone else is left looking back at the season that was. In some cases, that might be a little painful. But, at the risk of sounding cliche, there's always next year. *

To help, we've got some Post Football Therapy for those of us with teams that are left licking their wounds instead of hoisting the Lombardi trophy. We will be going through new teams each day to give fans reasons to stay positive for the 2015 season. Look for two new teams each weekday, going from worst to first in each division. Read on to see what you can look forward to from your team.



The Bucs may have gone 2-14 without a single home win, but that doesn't mean they'll continue the trend next season. We break down a few great takeaways from the 2014 season and reasons why the Bucs are due for a bounce-back year in 2015.

It looked promising for the Falcons when they started the 2014 season 2-1. But then they proceeded to lose six of their next eight games. After missing the playoffs and seeing Mike Smith get fired, see why Falcons fans should be looking forward to 2015, and why this past season will soon be a forgotten memory.

Saints fans were left asking "Who dat?" several times after watching their team's inconsistent play this season. Though they missed the playoffs, the Saints are still one of the best offenses in the league. If any team is due for 2015 success, and a return to the postseason, it's the Saints.



It's hard to be optimistic after a two-win season, but things in Tennessee might not be so bad. Find out why 2015 holds promise for the Titans and their fans.

Jacksonville Jaguars The fine folks in Duval County had to put another not so great season behind them, ending 2014 with a 3-13 record. But don't be discouraged Jags fans, the future is bright in Jacksonville. Here's why.

Despite being without No. 1 pick Jadeveon Clowney for the majority of the season, the Texans managed to go from two wins to nine wins last season. Find out why 2015 is looking even brighter.



The 2014 NFL season sure didn't turn out the way Bears fans had planned on, right? Need something to look forward to between seasons? Well, crack an Old Style and relax because 2015 is bound to be a better season. No, really.

Given all that the team has gone through over the past year, I'd say the Vikings' fans have much to be proud of. No, seriously. Stop laughing. The Vikings accomplished a lot, especially in their first season with a new coaching regime. Which is why 2015 is only going to be better.

Misery is not something sports fans of any team should be used to. Detroit Lions fans braved many seasons of such misery. But now the Lions finished 11-5 and have some major pieces to carry them into the playoffs next season.



New season, same old Browns. After a promising start to 2014 the Browns collapsed down the stretch. With questions up and down the roster, Adam Rank tells Browns fans why 2015 will be different.

So this was a nice season. But it wasn't noiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. It was good. Not legendary. But don't fret. You still have plenty of reasons to be optimistic for the future of this team.

Bengals fans have been left waiting yet another season for their next playoff win. Could a curse be at fault? Either way, there's plenty of reasons to be optimistic about 2015.



Rams fans faced another losing record in 2014. But it's not all bad when you have a solid defense and have to compete in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. Without some key injuries, the Rams could be making a run at the playoffs. Let's look at some bright points for the next season.

It was a sad end to an underachieving season. The split between Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers was dramatic. There's many questions about the Niners' future, but there's plenty to look forward to in 2015.

Ah, man, poor Birds. But despite the result, the Cardinals prevailed in the toughest division in football and made the playoffs. And it wouldn't be surprising to see them do it again next season.



Another season, another coach, another quarterback. It's been a rough go Raiders fans, but it looks like you finally have a good, young player at QB, solid new coaching staff and other key players to start digging out of the trench. The 2015 season could be the start of something great.

Injuries to the offensive line and a disappointing second half to the season left Chargers fans scratching their heads in 2014. But with Philip Rivers leading the way, 2015 will be brighter than a SoCal day.

Despite a couple embarrassing losses and an inconsistent passing attack, the Chiefs were in the playoff hunt till the very end of the season. Next season, they're bound to build on their success and challenge the top spot for their division.



The 2014 season was not without its share of drama for fans in Washington. While it wasn't the ideal start to the Jay Gruden era, there were some positive takeaways that should help the team progress into 2015.

It was the " Odell Beckham Jr. Show" last season for the New York Giants and their fans. Despite missing the playoffs, fans have a lot to look forward to in 2015. Adam Rank tells you why.

Despite missing the playoffs, the Eagles managed to win 10 games in the absence of Nick Foles. Adam Rank tells you why 2015 is looking bright for the Philly faithful.



The 2014 season for the New York Jets was a disaster. Rex Ryan is gone. Todd Bowles is in. Amar Shah tells you why Jets fans you should be optimistic this year. And yes, it starts with Geno Smith.

The Dolphins left another 8-8 season behind them. It's been a slow growing process over the past couple of seasons, but there are reasons to look forward to next year. Go Fins!

Although the Bills didn't make the playoffs in 2014, they have a lot going for them. Besides wings and lodge hats, Buffalo has a pretty solid team with a stingy defense. Here's some reasons to look forward to the 2015 season.

After a rocky start, the New England Patriots once again ended the season hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. It was a thrilling year for Patriots fans, but 2015 could be even better. Colin J. Liotta tells you why.

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