Poor playing conditions at Heinz Field under NFL scrutiny

PITTSBURGH -- The NFL is closely monitoring conditions at Heinz Field, a league source said Sunday, after the Oakland Raiders became the latest Steelers opponent to complain about the playing surface.

The New England Patriots also complained about the field conditions last week.

The portion of the field between the hashmarks between the 30-yard lines is pocked with soft spots and areas where the sod easily comes out. The footing is poor there, and the Steelers plan to re-sod at some point, but timing is an issue.

The Steelers have a heavy home schedule, the University of Pittsburgh play here Friday, and Heinz Field also is home to high school playoff games. Therefore, the Steelers know this problem will be much worse before it can get better.

The NFL will remain in contact with the Steelers about the issue.

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