Poe becomes heaviest player to score touchdown

The mad rush to add Dontari Poe to your fantasy team is on.

The Chiefs' nose tackle scored from a yard out on Sunday in one of his four offensive snaps. He is the fullback in a formation the team calls "Poe-Heavy" and in the process of humiliating the Chargers over the weekend, Poe also set an NFL record: As of Tuesday morning, he is the heaviest player to ever score an NFL touchdown.

"I think it was an NFL record," Kansas City head coach Andy Reid joked after Sunday's game, via the team's official site, "but we'll have to go weigh him, here."

Poe is actually 11 pounds heavier than William "Refrigerator" Perry, who, according to the Chiefs, was 335 pounds the last time he crossed a goal line.

The scary thing is that Poe is far more athletic, too. For those who don't remember, he was the workout darling of the 2012 combine, a player who hurled up 44 reps on the bench press and ran a sub-5 40-yard dash at almost 350 pounds. On Sunday, he actually jumped over the Chargers' defensive line to score the touchdown and didn't look half bad doing it, either.

The score and the record were a convenient vehicle to look back at some of Poe's performances over the years. He toils in relative anonymity on the defensive line but has arguably been one of the 10 best players at his position every year since he was drafted. Taking the combine workout warrior is often a tremendous risk, especially when he potentially elevates a full round. But Poe has been remarkably consistent and is on pace to hit another remarkably high snap count in 2015.

The good news is that, like J.J. Watt, the offensive touchdowns will shine a light on Poe's defense, which deserved more attention all along.

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