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Plot lines run thick on enticing Championship Sunday

You want potential Super Bowl plot lines? We got 'em. No matter how these games play out on Sunday, we're going to have a heck of a Super Bowl matchup.

We have two of the best offenses and quarterbacks in the world (Tom Brady's New England Patriots and Eli Manning's New York Giants), and two teams with highly imposing defenses (the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers). Oh yeah, as you may have heard there are two brothers who are each one win away from creating the ultimate sibling bout in Indianapolis.

In the meantime, we get two conference championships that should be top notch. We have contrasting styles in both games, and a couple of quarterbacks who seem to have to prove their mettle and worth on a weekly basis (Joe Flacco and Alex Smith). If those two come up big -- particularly Smith, who's fresh off a career-best game against New Orleans -- then you have to like the chances of that Harbaugh Bowl rematch coming to fruition.

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