Please Allow Us To Introduce: Deshaun Watson

Happy Birthday Deshaun Watson, you turned 22 years old and I certainly hope you are feeling 22. (Thanks Taylor.) Coincidentally, the Texans decided to give Watson a birthday gift as well - naming him the starting quarterback for Week 2.

For his birthday, we here at The Checkdown have decided to compile five interesting facts about Watson that you probably didn't know:

Did you know that ... Watson is actually a psychic? Back in 2012, he tweeted about being in the National Championship Game and said he would "go ham." Well, he did it twice!

Did you know that ... in 2006, three-time pro bowler Warrick Dunn gave Watson's family the keys to their new home built by Habitat for Humanity?

Did you know that ... Watson's mother overcame stage-five tongue cancer? Watson's love for his mother is the strongest I have ever seen.

Did you know that ... a month before the 2017 National Championship game, Watson graduated with a Communications degree? He's not just an NFL quarterback, but also a college graduate.

Did you know that ... at Clemson before Watson wore #4, it was retired by former Clemson quarterback Steve Fuller? He must have known that Watson was going to take Clemson to a National Championship.

Hopefully, 22 can be just as good as 21. Good luck in your first start tonight, Deshaun!

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