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Playoff Challenge winning strategies

That was one of the more famous lines from the original Rambo movie titled "First Blood," which was released back in 1982 (man, I'm getting old). But now, 68-year-old Sylvester Stallone is adding one more chapter to the Rambo movies with a fifth installment called "Last Blood."

No, I'm not kidding.

Heck, if he can bring back an ancient Rocky Balboa ... why not bring back Rambo for one final flick?

Well, is bringing back something for those of you who were preparing for the absence of fantasy football for the next eight months.

That's right, your fantasy season isn't done. Not by a longshot. In fact, it's time to put on your fantasy guru hat again and sign up for the NFL Playoff Challenge. If you do well enough, there's a chance you could win a trip to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California! And of course, I'm here to help. First off, keep in mind that the biggest key to winning the NFL Playoff Challenge is picking players that have the best chance to produce and advance deep into the postseason.

I'll explain a little more as you take a look at my personal Playoff Challenge lineup:

Quarterback: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: It doesn't happen often, but I do see the Seahawks getting back to the Super Bowl again. As a result, I have Wilson under center. He does have a bye in Wild Card Weekend, but a lot of my players do ... that's part of the strategy. You see, I'll still get a double-point multiplier from Wilson in the Divisional Round because I started him.

Running backs: Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks/DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys: You will see a trend here, as Lynch is a fantasy star on a team I think is going to the Super Bowl. Thus, he's in my lineup despite having a first-round bye. As for Murray, he was a stud for owners this season. I also think that if any team can beat Seattle, it's the Cowboys. They've done it before.

Wide receivers: Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos/Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers: I don't love any wideouts from Seattle or New England (my other Super Bowl pick), so I went with the two best wide receivers in the postseason who I think will advance to at least their conference championship games. (Sorry, Calvin Johnson). Thomas and Nelson should get a triple multiplier at the least.

Tight end: Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots: This is the easiest selection for the NFL Playoff Challenge, because Gronkowski is the best fantasy tight end and he's playing for a team with a great chance of representing his conference in the Super Bowl. If you start him in the Wild Card round, you could receive a quadruple-point multiplier from Gronk if the Patriots make it to Arizona.

Kicker: Stephen Gostkowski, New England Patriots: Kickers are people too, and guys like Gostkowski can be valuable assets in fantasy land. He tied for the most fantasy points among kickers in 2014 and has finished no worse than second since 2011. Gostkowski would also receive that ever-important quadruple multiplier if you start him this week and the Patriots advance to the big game.

Defense/special teams: Seattle Seahawks: I have a lot of Seahawks and Patriots in this lineup, and with good reason. Seattle's defense gets the nod over New England here, as the Hawks have been hot in recent weeks. In fact, this unit has scored the second-most fantasy points at the position over the last four weeks of the regular season. Having home field advantage is huge here, too.

Michael Fabiano is an award-winning fantasy football analyst on and NFL Network and a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) Hall of Fame. Have a burning question on anything fantasy related? Tweet it to _**@MichaelFabiano**_ or send a question via **Facebook**!

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