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Play of the Year: Odell Beckham Jr.'s catch tops this marquee

The night before Super Bowl XLIX, the NFL will salute its best players and plays from the 2014 season with "NFL Honors," a star-studded football and entertainment event hosted by Seth Meyers from Symphony Hall at the Phoenix Convention Center. Here's the broadcasting information for Saturday night's festivities:

» 8 p.m. ET on NFL Network: Red carpet coverage
» 9 p.m. ET on NBC: 4th Annual NFL Honors

One of the awards that will be presented: Play of the Year. There are 32 nominees, **all of which you can view by clicking here**. Which play gets your vote?

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  • Judy Battista @JudyBattista
  • No other play rocked the sporting world like Odell Beckham Jr.'s stunning grab

How is this even a question? Were you not watching Odell Beckham Jr. in Week 12? There have certainly been more impactful plays -- the Giants, after all, didn't even beat the Cowboys that night -- but no play in recent memory has put a player on the map, has caused such an explosion of interest and, heck, might have even saved a few jobs, like Beckham's amazing, bending, one-handed, three-fingered, while-being-interfered-with masterpiece. The best part: There should be more where that came from.

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  • Brian Billick @CoachBillick
  • St. Louis' punt return was mind-bendingly awesome

My vote goes to the so-called "Special Teams Psych Out." Odell Beckham's catch was certainly jaw-dropping, but the play design and execution of the Rams' punt return was extraordinary -- and it took all 11 guys to pull it off. Kudos to John Fassel for drawing it up and to Jeff Fisher for actually calling it.

Odell Beckham Jr.'s snag is undoubtedly the play of the year. Quite simply, the best catch I've ever seen.

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  • Gregg Rosenthal @GreggRosenthal
  • John Brown's game-winning grab perfectly summed up the Cardinals' season

John Brown's game-winner against Philadelphia was my Play of the Year. It was an absolutely perfect throw and a better catch to win a game that Arizona had no business winning. It nicely encapsulates Arizona's entire logic-defying season in one moment.

Odell Beckham's grab -- I believe it is one of the greatest catches in NFL history.

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  • Conor Orr @ConorTOrr
  • Marshawn Lynch gave us another beastly effort for the ages

Beastquake 2.0. Nobody in the NFL stretches his natural ability further than Marshawn Lynch. Period. For those who have forgotten this game's tradition on the ground, he is a throwback player to behold.

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  • Kevin Patra @KPatra
  • I got three words for you ...

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