Play-clock proposal has NCAA coaches mad at rules committee examined if the proposed hurry-up offense rule truly is a player-safety rule.

Some coaches, like Arizona's Rich Rodriguez and Rutgers coach Kyle Flood, seem to think the move is anything but a player safety rule, but more like a power play by some coaches. Even some trainers and medical officials are skeptical.

The proposed rule, which comes up for a vote on March 6 before the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, would keep the offense from snapping the ball prior to 29 seconds left on the play clock, except during the final two minutes of each half. This would allow defenses to make substitutions during the first 10 seconds of the play clock, something Alabama coach Nick Saban claims would prevent injuries.

However, Rodriguez told "The Dan Patrick Show" that there's no data backing up this proposal. He also told The Associated Press that this is an attack on the hurry-up offenses.

Flood said he was caught off guard by the proposal.

One orthopedic surgeon told that the proposal makes little sense because injured players already have the ability to fall down to stop the clock.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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