Pioli: Chiefs still want to bring back Carr after signing of Routt

When the Kansas City Chiefs signed free-agent cornerback Stanford Routt to a three-year, $19.6 million contract, some viewed it as strong signal toward their intentions on certain other personnel. Not so fast, says general manager Scott Pioli.

Pioli told 810-AM in Kansas City on Tuesday the signing of Routt "does not impact" the team's intentions with impending free agent Brandon Carr, and said the Chiefs intend to bring back wide receiver Dwayne Bowe as well.

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"The signing of Stanford Routt does not impact where we're at with Brandon Carr," Pioli said, via Arrowheadpride.com. "As a matter of fact, Romeo (Crennel) and I both reached out to Brandon yesterday as this was unfolding and talked to him. I spoke personally with Brandon, and without getting into the details of that conversation, but he knows, and he's known before, he's someone we want to keep here, and he's still someone we want to keep a Chief."

It's likely, however, the signing of Routt decreases the chances the Chiefs will use the franchise tag on Carr. The value of the tag for cornerbacks is expected to be $10.6 million in 2012.

Pioli offered similar sentiments on Bowe, who is also expected to become a free agent on March 13.

"We're hopeful to re-sign Dwayne," Pioli said. "One way or another, we would love to have Dwayne back here as a Chief. Just like Brandon [Carr]. We would like to keep the good players we have. The important part is that you have to come to an agreement."

If the Chiefs choose to apply the franchise tag to Bowe, it will cost $9.4 million.

The Chiefs, according to NFL Network research, had $63 million in cap room on Feb. 6. Pioli went on to explain during the interview that contract escalators and bonuses that are factored in at the end of the league year will account for $25 million against the Chiefs' cap space.

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