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Pierre Desir - Jets - 2020 Man of the year nominee

Pierre Desir - MOTY Nominee - Jets - Profile Hero

Pierre Desir




Demonstrates Excellence on The Field

Drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2014, Pierre Desir spent time with the Chargers and Seahawks before arriving in Indianapolis in 2017. There he accumulated 5 interceptions, 26 pass deflections and 161 tackles establishing himself as a standout corner, capable playing against any wide receiver. As a free agent signing for the Jets, he has made an immediate impact as a starting cornerback. Pierre currently leads the Jets with 3 interceptions, 6 pass deflections and 1 touchdown return.

Demonstrates Dedication and Commitment to Community Efforts this Year

Upon Pierre Desir's arrival he immediately approached the CR Department to see how he could be involved. Over the summer we incorporated him into our Girls Varsity Flag Football Program with NYC's Public Schools Athletic League honor one girl from each of the 50 plus teams and had Pierre surprise them each with a $1,000 college scholarship. During the season, Pierre has become involved in our Tackle Bullying program and made 3 virtual school visits where he talks about his experiences being bullied growing and shares ways students can be upstanders.

Pierre is a 2020 Hope Giver for Samaritan's Feet. Hope Givers consists of individuals from around the country who raise awareness and funds for the organization. During their annual Gala, as a Hope Givers Pierre will be recognized and the individual who raises the most funds is named the "Samaritan's Feet Person of the Year." Pierre is sponsoring 450 pairs of shoes to be distributed throughout the Newark school system. He also hosted an event virtually at the Plainfield Boys & Girls Club to commemorate the donation for 50 children who will receive a Hope Tote with new shoes and socks. "The most important thing for me is to try to show my kids how important it is to give back. My kids can be doctors, they can be teachers, they can be whatever they want - but I want them to be good people. It doesn't take much to be a good person."

Demonstrates Dedication and Commitment to Community Efforts in Years Past

Pierre has historically worked with Samaritans Feet, an organization that serves and inspires hope in children by providing shoes as the foundation to a spiritual and healthy life resulting in the advancement of education and economic opportunities. Pierre has sponsored and served at two previous Samaritan's Feet shoe distribution events: 1) 576 students with new shoes and socks at Northview Elementary in Jennings, MO. 2) 375 students with new shoes and socks at Brookside Elementary in Indiana.

Demonstrates Consistency in Positive Character and Models a Lifestyle of Giving Back

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, missionaries helped Pierre Desir and his family relocate to St. Louis, Missouri when he was 4 years old. His parents worked multiple jobs to support the family and give their children a better life. Their sacrifice wasn't lost on Desir, though he didn't fully appreciate it until later in life. In high school, he switched from playing soccer to football and though he was new to the game, he showed enough promise to catch the attention of college coaches. Around that same time, he became a father. Those early struggles continue to drive him, even now that he's a standout player and leader. They also inspire him to give back and encourage young people - including his own children - to follow their dreams and help others along the way. Without the help of others, Pierre Desir wouldn't be an American. He wouldn't be a high school or college graduate. He wouldn't be playing in the NFL. And he wouldn't be living the American dream.