Picks for fantasy Playoff Challenge's Divisional Round

Well that was an interesting first weekend of the playoffs. Bizarre finishes aside, there weren't a ton of huge fantasy performances. But if you played your cards right you should be set to get plenty of double points from your Playoff Challenge lineup in the Divisional Round. If not ... well, there's no better time than the present to start. Below, I've compiled the Playoff Challenge lineups from our group of analysts to help you try and figure out the winning combination. If you'd like to join in on the fun it's not too late. Sign up to partake in the NFL Playoff Challenge **RIGHT HERE**.

Marcas Grant

In the first round, I went heavy on Cardinals and Bengals. Welp. So close yet so far. That means I needed some new options for my RB2, WR1 and TE spots. It would have been great to try and roll with some Panthers or Seahawks but since I still believe the Cardinals are going to make it to Super Bowl 50, selecting anyone from those teams is automatically handicapping my lineup. The problem is that the AFC is completely wide open. Do you really believe in any of the Patriots running backs? Or any of the Chiefs receivers? With Antonio Brown potentially out of action this week that severely limits the pool of pass-catchers. As for tight ends, there are really only three choices -- Greg Olsen, Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski. Of those three, Gronk seems like the best option to make a run in this postseason tournament. Welcome aboard, big fella.

Matt Harmon

Harmon got through the first round of the Playoff Challenge relatively unscathed. The only change is that Doug Baldwin is now in for the injured Antonio Brown. The downside is that he's guaranteed to lose at least two of his players this week with the Seahawks and Panthers squaring off this weekend. Having Carolina go down would be a much bigger loss with Cam Newton and Greg Olsen no longer available to him. Regardless as long as none of his players put up absolute duds, Harmon should have a pretty nice total this week with seven of his eight starters set to give him double points in the second round.

Matt Franciscovich

Last week, Franchise went with the "YOU LIKE THAT!" lineup featuring Kirk Cousins, DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed. But then Washington lost. So I don't think Franchise liked that. He also won't like losing Antonio Brown this week. In all, it's going to be an uphill climb for Franchise with only four players set to give him double points this week -- and two of those are his kicker and defense. He'll need the Panthers to beat the Seahawks this weekend otherwise his Playoff Challenge lineup will once again be decimated heading into the championship round.

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