Philip Rivers: I'm 'not deaf' to Tony Romo comparisons

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has heard those of you out there comparing his career to Tony Romo's.

"We're not deaf or blind to those comparisons," Rivers told KLSD-AM in San Diego this week (via "I've heard that many times over the years. I think from a statistical standpoint yes, and from the standpoint that neither one of us were able to -- at least so far on my end -- have gotten our teams to a championship.

"But both of us have been a part of a lot of good teams, and a lot of wins. And we both started the same year when we took over the reins. I see the similarities. I've always kind of respected Tony from afar."

The conversation was about Rivers, 35, potentially following Romo into broadcasting ("It's so funny because I enjoy talking football and doing all of that. I just don't think I'll ever go that route," he said). I think, however it provided a window into how much longer Rivers plans on playing than the now-retired Cowboys quarterback.

Rivers is already more than 10,000 yards ahead of Romo in all-time passing yards, has 66 more touchdown passes, 19 more wins and three more playoff appearances, but has a similar drive to that of a late-career Peyton Manning. Rivers is approaching the cultural minutiae that comes with a new coaching staff and seems vested in the new message being passed around by first-year head coach Anthony Lynn.

"I think you've heard me and we've all had to go with this big change for us and essentially market ourselves -- how are you going to win over L.A. and all of that stuff. And I think we've all talked about winning," he said. "You've got to win, you've got to win."

Winning, and putting the Chargers into another conference title game -- completely possible with this roster, by the way -- would put Rivers into a category unreachable by Romo by comparison. Since he already hears you lumping the two together, it might be a good reason to fend off retirement, whether that be broadcasting or something else.

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