Peyton Manning stock watch: Who's the favorite right now? is tracking the stock of Peyton Manning as he makes his free-agency tours. Teams are ranked by the chances the four-time NFL MVP will end up signing with them. The stock arrows indicate the most recent developments by the suitors still in the race for Manning.

  • Why the Titans are a good fit: Manning is beloved in the state of Tennessee, knows the division and would play the Colts twice a year. Owner Bud Adams is calling all the shots and says he will do whatever it takes to sign Manning to a deal.
  **Why the Titans are a bad fit:** Hard to see Adams winning a bidding war. 
  **Latest news:** Manning 
  worked out for the Titans on Saturday. General manager Ruston Webster later said Manning "looked comfortable throwing the ball," echoing a statement from 
  Broncos vice president John Elway, who watched Manning throw on Friday. Earlier in the week, the 
  Titans signed Steve Hutchinson. While it could mean nothing, Tennessee initially had interest in the 
  Pro Bowl guard because the team believed he could help land Manning. 
  • Why the Broncos are a good fit: With a power running game and an improving defense, this makes sense.
  **Why the Broncos are a bad fit:** Manning's agency also reps Tim Tebow, and that would get 
  *really* awkward. Plus, there's snow and an outdoor stadium. 
  **Latest news:** The 
  chartered a flight Friday morning, bound for North Carolina, where team representatives, including John Elway, watched Manning work out. Afterward, Elway tweeted that Manning "threw the ball great," and "watching him throw today was the next step in this important process for our team and Peyton. It was a productive visit and went well." 
  • Why the 49ers are a good fit: They have a championship-ready defense, a Coach of the Year winner and some pretty decent pieces on offense.
  **Why the 49ers are a bad fit:** Talk about Randy Moss and Mario Manningham all you want, but the 
  49ers don't have a great receiving corps. Also, Manning would be competing with his brother for the NFC title, something of which he reportedly wouldn't be fond. 
  **Latest news:** The 
  49ers could have a new quarterback in 2012 even if Manning isn't headed for San Francisco. 
  Alex Smith 
  visited the Miami Dolphins on Sunday for 5½ hours. The 
  became a surprise player in the Manning sweepstakes after coach Jim Harbaugh worked out the quarterback Tuesday. Team doctors examined Manning on Wednesday, and news of the team's interest didn't come out until Friday. Former 
  49ers quarterback Steve Young 
  believes the Niners are in the driver's seat for Manning's services. 
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