Peyton Manning's future opponents excited to take on star QB

When Peyton Manning made his decision Monday to play for the Denver Broncos, his future opponents likely were alternately dreading the thought of facing one of the NFL's top quarterbacks and excited at the chance to take on a future Hall of Famer. Here's what they had to say after news of Manning's choice trickled through the league.

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*Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak *"Well, we'll know what he's going to do," Kubiak told the Texans' official website. "It's great to have him back in football, and I know it's been exciting the last couple weeks where he was going to end up. He's a great player, great person, great for the game. Congratulations to my boy (Broncos executive John) Elway. But we'll get our shot at him, too, so we'll look forward to it."

*Texans chairman and CEO Bob McNair *"I think they've got the basis for a good team," McNair told the team's website. "They've got a good defense, they've got an adequate running game. I think Elway probably had a lot to do with that. They made the playoffs last year, and I think that it enhances their chances to make the playoffs going forward. So, we'll look forward to playing 'em in the playoffs."

*Oakland Raiders defensive end Richard Seymour *"I thought having five kids gave me sleepless nights. Now I have to deal with Peyton again," Seymour told's Steve Wyche. "In all seriousness, our league is a better league with Peyton, and we look forward to the opportunity to face a quarterback like Peyton. It provides a measuring stick for where you are as a defense to be the best -- and to be the best, you have to beat the best."

*Texans linebacker Brian Cushing *"I am glad Peyton will be back playing football this year because he is such a great player and big part of the NFL," Cushing told Wyche. "It will be a challenge to go up to Denver this year and play him, but we are excited."

*Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips *"Work time ill do an extra few reps just for Manning coming to the division," Phillips wrote via Twitter.

*Chargers fullback Le'Ron McClain *"We got it bro trust," McClain wrote via Twitter in response to Phillips.

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