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Peyton Manning denies report he used HGH in 2011

Peyton Manning vehemently denied an Al Jazeera report that he used human growth hormone as part of his recovery from neck surgery in 2011.

The report cites a former unpaid Guyer Institute intern pharmacist, Charlie Sly, who allegedly spoke to an undercover reporter working for the network. Sly, who later recanted his statement, said Manning was among several prominent athletes who were supplied illegal performance-enhancing drugs from the Indianapolis-based anti-aging clinic.

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, who is representing Manning, told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport that the quarterback has never used HGH, never failed any league drug tests and that the report will not affect his playing status.

The story was first reported by the Huffington Post.

The story states that HGH was sent to Peyton Manning's wife, Ashley, and that Manning's agent did not deny Ashley Manning received shipments of human growth hormone. Fleischer told Rapoport that Ashley was a patient at the anti-aging clinic in question.

Manning released a statement Saturday night denying he's ever used HGH and called the report "garbage" and "totally made up."

Later Manning elaborated in a statement to ESPN Chris Mortensen:

"Yes, I have been a patient under Dr. (Dale) Guyer," Manning said. "I have had nutrient therapy, oxygen therapy and other treatments that are holistic in nature but never HGH. My wife has never provided any medication for me to take. Ashley and I never attended the clinic together after hours. There were times when I went in the morning and there were times when I went after practice so this thing about 'after hours' is so misleading because it may have been 5:15 pm because their office closed at 5."

The Broncosalso released a statement Sunday in regard to claims made in the Al Jazeera report:

"Knowing Peyton Manning and everything he stands for, the Denver Broncos support him 100 percent. These are false claims made to Al Jazeera, and we don't believe the report.

"Peyton is rightfully outraged by the allegations, which he emphatically denied to our organization and which have been publicly renounced by the source who initially provided them.

"Throughout his NFL career, particularly during his four seasons with the Broncos, Peyton has shown nothing but respect for the game. Our organization is confident Peyton does things the right way, and we do not find this story to be credible."

HGH was banned by the labor agreement the NFL and NFL Players Association signed in July 2011. It's unclear from the Huffington Post story if Manning's alleged use of HGH pre-dates that ban.

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