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Peterson says he won't hold out; agent, Vikings have talked deal

All-Pro running back Adrian Petersondispelled rumors that he might skip the start of Minnesota Vikings training camp and confirmed to the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Sunday that his agent, Ben Dogra, has talked to the team about a new contract.

"Oh yeah I'll be there," Peterson said of training camp, which begins Friday. "Without a shadow of a doubt. Whether there is contract talk or not, I will be there."

Peterson, who has rushed for 40 touchdowns and 4,484 yards since entering the NFL in 2007, also said he didn't miss the Vikings' June minicamp -- thus drawing the ire of coach Brad Childress -- because of issues about his contract. Peterson said the annual "Adrian Peterson Day" parade in his hometown in Texas was scheduled before the minicamp.

Peterson signed a six-year contract as a rookie in 2007, with a voidable sixth year. That deal could pay him as much as $40 million. He could make $7 million this season and as much as $13 million in 2011.

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