Peterson Q&A: Ready to roll

(Draftees from the 2007 NFL Draft sat down for a couple minutes and shared their thoughts and feelings about being picked. This entry comes from Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson, selected No. 7 by the Minnesota Vikings.) Q:Do you feel pretty good that after all you've been through the team with the No. 7 pick felt strongly enough about you to take you?A: I'm honored and I'm ready to go down there and get things rolling and help them turn the organization around. I'm just very excited that they trust in me and I will not let them down. Q:With Chester Taylor there, have they explained what your role will be?A: Once I get there I'm sure we'll discuss that more, but I'm sure between the two of us we can pound the ball. Q:How was it waiting in the green room? Did you think you'd go earlier?A: I didn't put my eggs in one basket. I was thinking maybe Arizona. It was a long wait but it's over now and I'm excited. Q:Have you talked with Vikings head coach Brad Childress and any of the other staff?A: Yeah, they're great people. I really enjoyed my trip to Minnesota. I'm really ready to get things rolling. Q:I know you've been asked this 1000 times, but how is the injury? Will you be ready for training camp?A: I'll definitely be ready. This was never an injury that would prevent me from getting ready for the season. Q:What do you think you bring to the table for Minnesota?A: Whatever they need. When I get out there, we'll figure out what kind of role I am going to play, but I definitely know I can contribute and help improve this team. Q:Are you relieved that this process is over?A: I'm happy it's over. It's a dream come true no matter what. I keep thanking God.

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