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Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh 'had a moment' Sunday

Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh have had what can be termed as a healthy rivalry going back to their days as top-tier college coaches.

Five years after "What's your deal?" and after four years of rugged battles in the NFC West, the two coaches will gain some distance with Harbaugh set to move on from San Francisco after the season.

Harbaugh's Niners exit has been a foregone conclusion for some time, so the midfield meeting between Harbaugh and Carroll represented a sense of finality after Seattle's 17-7 win over the Niners on Sunday.

ESPN reported that one close observer said that Harbaugh told Carroll, "Thanks for the rivalry. It's been fun."

On Monday, Carroll was asked about the "warm" moment between the two coaches

"I don't know if I would refer to it as a warm moment," Carroll said. "We had a moment. You'll have to ask Jim if he felt it as a warm moment. It was a nice exchange, just two coaches talking."

Let's hope this isn't the end. It always fun when two coaches don't like, but begrudgingly respect, one another.

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